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About Therapy

Claridad, (Clarity). This is what we seek to provide to our clients as we help guide them on their journey to healing and wellness. 


Our journey through life introduces us to impactful events that deeply influence our lives, and when those events bring forth suffering of various degrees, we can feel like it becomes our identity. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Healing from such events — single incident or multiple events — is possible.

If you are looking for a safe space, and expert guides, to explore those events that have impacted your life and help you to heal, we are here to help. We specialize in working with those impacted by painful life events, individuals, couples & families, as well as professionals.

Whether you are a survivor, a family member or friend of a survivor, or a professional dealing with vicarious or personal trauma, we are here to help.  

Contact us today and let us help you, help yourself!

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

Maya Angelou 

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Have a question about therapy?  Want to learn more about Claridad and our services? Send us a message and we will get right back to you!

Claridad Community Services

2 Locations: 2893 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886

Durant Building,100 Lafayette St. Pawtucket, 02860

Office Number: (401) 524-1191

Fax number: (401) 859-2215

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